Zumtobel Group CEO Refutes Media Reports On a Possible Exit From the US

Today EdisonReport received an email from Simone Deitmer, Deputy Press Officer of Zumtobel, AG. In the email. Deitmer claimed, “….that the news you’ve published after our press conference on Wednesday were misinterpretations out of the context.”

Zumtobel Group CEO refutes media reports on a possible exit from the US business/market:
“We see great potential in the US market and want to expand our market presence in the US.”

“There is no intention for the Zumtobel Group to withdraw from the American market. On the contrary, we see the US market as an excellent opportunity to significantly expand our business especially with our premium brand Zumtobel“ said Ulrich Schumacher. “Due to the competitive structures in the already consolidated US market, we see the best opportunity to pursue growth in the form of a strategic partnership. Zumtobel USA has excellent customer relations and offers an attractive product portfolio, which complements perfectly with our business with international architects. I am very confident that we can intensify our presence in this strategically important market for Zumtobel, even more so with a new set-up.”

At a press conference on April 2, 2014 at Light+Building in Frankfurt, Germany, Schumacher expressed to a journalist the potential of a strategic partnership in the US. Among other things he explained the position of Zumtobel in the US market and stated that they could achieve growth better with a strategic partnership.

04 Apr