Zhaga: New Standards Are ‘Key to Circularity’

The Zhaga Consortium of lighting brands is promising that its new standards for 2023 will be ‘key ingredients’ in circular lighting as they will allow LED modules to be easily replaced.

The organisation – which standardises modules, connectors and protocols in the lighting industry to simplify manufacturing and component purchasing – says it will unveil specifications for linear LED modules later this year.

To be known as Book 21 and Book 26, they will cover socketable Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) and non-SELV linear LED modules.

The books each define an industry standard that allows a vendor of LED lighting the ability to independently and easily replace the linear LED modules from different suppliers.

However, different performances and features will be defined by the module supplier.

For the luminaire manufacturer, this guarantees maximum flexibility in product choice for differentiation and innovation, and it also eases  the production process by allowing reconfiguration of the product in the later stages of the development of the product.
Additionally, Book 21 enables serviceability of luminaires in the field through easy exchange of LED modules.

Book 26 brings the same replaceability to non-SELV applications.

Zhaga has also announced that it’s Book 20 has been included as a mandatory requirement in prototype phase of the US Department of Energy’s prominent L-Prize.

The deadline for submissions ends on1 May 2023 but participants need to register an ‘intent to submit’ by Friday 13 January.

Book 20 brings together complementary specifications from the Zhaga Consortium and the D4i specifications from the Dali Alliance. Certified products can carry the logos of both Zhaga and D4i which together indicate interoperability.

12 Jan