Xicato Builds European Team With Addition Of Giovanni Marafelli In Italy

Xicato,  announced today the appointment of Giovanni Marafelli as regional sales manager for Southern Europe and Greece. Giovanni spent more than a decade with Cantalupi Lighting in Italy. His experience working with clients, contractors, architects, engineering companies and lighting designers will be of great value to Xicato’s customers and end-users as the company continues to build an understanding of the need for more intelligent lighting solutions that deliver quality light.

“The lighting market is starting to awaken from the slumber of the last several years and I see a new and refreshed attitude in designers and end-users alike as they consider both the efficiency and the quality of light that they will select for their projects,” said Giovanni. I chose to join Xicato because I think it’s best positioned to deliver on both these factors.

Giovanni is a bit of a renaissance man. He holds degrees in mathematics and economics, speaks five different languages and has a passion for sailing, tennis and red wine. As much as he enjoys his visits to Xicato’s headquarters in California where he can indulge in all three of these passions, his favourite moments are when he’s with his family.

28 Oct