US Retailer Target To Deploy Lighting Based Location Services In Store

Ailing retail giant Target, who closed down their entire Canadian retail operation on 12th April, are looking to deploy an in-store mobile phone navigation system that guides customers around their stores. The concept, first demonstrated by Philips Lighting a number of years ago, uses the luminaires in the ceiling to communicate with iPhone and Android devices.

The platform has provided been provided by Point Inside, a US based technology company which is revolutionizing the way retailers digitally engage with their shoppers at every point along the purchase path using wireless location-based services.

Target is the second-largest discount retailer in the U.S., serving guests at 1,801 stores. Recognized as a leader in the retail industry there, Target recently overhauled its iPhone app, desktop, and mobile apps to enhance its digital offerings and improve the guest experience. Customers can use the apps to more easily build shopping lists, find product locations and determine item availability at their local store.

Using the app, you can plan your trip through the store without having to back-track or wander aisle after aisle to locate something. It will also make it easier to avoid certain aisles such a toys or treats when you have the kids with you.

App features include:

  • Interactive maps overlay item locations as a pin on the store map, making it easier for guests to find products as they shop
  • Shopping lists provide a product’s aisle location when a guest is in store and link directly to the new, interactive maps
  • Type-ahead, auto-complete functionality allows guests to quickly add items to their shopping lists
  • Interactive Black Friday maps will provide store layouts and door-buster locations for Target’s Black Friday sale

There is a video on the company website that talks about their shopping-experience using their mobile app.

By Julie Allen

17 Apr