Tridonic withdraws from magnetic ballast technology

In the course of its withdrawal from the production of energy-inefficient magnetic ballasts, decided in June, Tridonic has successfully sold its magnetic ballast plant in Melbourne, Australia.

Under the terms of the sales agreement, with effect from 1 September 2013 Custom Mould Plastic Pty Ltd is to purchase the shares in Tridonic Manufacturing Pty Ltd in Melbourne, along with the site and factory building in the Tullamarine industrial zone on the urban fringe of Melbourne.

A former supplier to Tridonic, Custom Mould Plastics manufactures plastic components for a variety of industries and operates other production facilities in Melbourne as well.

As a supplier of energy-efficient electronic ballasts, LED modules and converters, as well as lighting management systems, Tridonic will remain an important player on the Australian market. The sales organisation based in Sydney and with offices in Melbourne will now be focusing primarily on providing innovative lighting components and systems that will help the Australian luminaire industry master the technology shift to LEDs.

29 Aug 2013

29 Aug