Trends in Lighting Forum & Show 2019 – Austria

24 – 26th September, 2019
Bregenz, Austria

For Architects, Lighting Designers, Planners, and Investors.

Trends in Lighting is the unique, international Lighting Forum & Show that is dedicated to bridging the gap between architecture, application, design and technologies. 

Trends in Lighting (TiL) is the go-to event for everybody who needs to be up-to-date on the latest trends in architectural and urban lighting designs including smart lighting solutions for buildings, cities, industry, etc. Attendees will learn from the most compelling Architects, Planners, Designers, and Technologists. Over 100 international lighting solution providers will also showcase their latest designs.

Updates in the fields of:

  • Lighting Trends in Applications
    Human Centric Lighting, User Experience, Visual Perception, Light Quality
  • Lighting Trends in Design
    Best Practice, Lighting Design Process, Case Studies & Projects
  • Lighting Trends in Technologies
    Light Sources, Digitization, IoT, Smart/Connected Lighting

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