Recipe for success: Thorn lights three food factories in Croatia


London, September 2017 – A combination of high efficiency and high protection helps ForceLED tick all the right boxes for three new Dobro meat-processing sites in the Slavonia region.

Dobro is committed to offering IN_HR1701_4588_Cepinfar more than just great-tasting products. As part of the Žito Group and one of the biggest agriculture producers in the area, the Croatian dry-cured meat company prides itself on monitoring and controlling the entire production process, carefully sourcing local supplies and ingredients to combine the best quality with a genuine commitment to sustainability. This emphasis on high standards and environmental responsibility touches every aspect of the Dobro brand, making Thorn just the right partner for the illumination of three new factories in Čepin (Ovčara) in north-eastern Croatia.

IN_HR1701_4701_CepinDobro uses cereals grown in the distinctive black soil of the Slavonia region and salt from the Adriatic Sea to produce dry-cured pork such as bacon, salami and prosciutto. This transparent supply chain is designed to benefit both suppliers and consumers, achieving long-term sales success that supports both the local environment and the local economy. This recipe certainly seems to be working: Žito Group has just opened three additional production and packaging facilities covering a total area of more than 22,000 square metres. Having previously worked with the architect and investor, the Zumtobel Group was invited to enter the tender process for the lighting. Experience of providing holistic indoor and outdoor solutions that enable people to work effectively was a major factor in helping Thorn secure the contract.IN_HR1701_4664_Cepin

The Dobro project demanded a reliable solution that contrasts high IP protection with low energy consumption and low maintenance costs. The specified luminaires also had to comply with strict food certification standards and offer the flexibility to perform in various different areas with mounting heights of between 2.5 and 9 metres, ranging from food production and storage to packaging and dispatch. Thorn was able to utilise both its dedicated industrial product portfolio and extensive experience gained with similar projects to create a lighting concept that is perfectly aligned with the specific requirements outlined by Žito.

IN_HR1701_4637_CepinThe ForceLED from Thorn proved to be the ideal solution for the production areas. This compact IP66 luminaire with a special prismatic diffuser has been installed throughout the 6000-square-metre facilities, delivering an outstanding light quality and distribution that helps employees get their jobs done safely and effectively. Good colour rendering of Ra80 and a colour temperature of 4000K also contribute to the pleasant working environment. The consistent levels of high-quality performance and the latest LED technology guarantee excellent energy efficiency and longer maintenance intervals. At the same time, the robust design and material specification help the ForceLED range fulfil the relevant HACCP, IFC and BRC food standards required by the client, who places an extremely high value on meeting the most stringent safety and quality regulations. Even the fully recyclable aluminium body of the ForceLED luminaire supports the ecological thinking that shapes the Dobro corporate philosophy.

IN_HR1701_4653_CepinThorn could also call on the expertise of the other Zumtobel Group brands to cover the requirements of certain specialist applications within the factories. The CRAFT high-bay luminaire from Zumtobel was chosen for the high ceilings of the shelving and packaging areas, representing a perfect fit in terms of lumen output, light distribution, protection and efficiency. In addition, Zumtobel CLEAN fittings have been installed in the clean-room areas to help achieve the necessary ISO class.

The same stringent standards for visual quality and efficiency apply to the external areas, where R2L2 lanterns from the wide-ranging Thorn outdoor portfolio were selected to connect the industrial sites with the main roads surrounding the sites. The comprehensive R2L2 range incorporates two sizes with a choice of lumen outputs and light distributions to provide the right light for various outdoor applications. The latest LED technology blends low energy consumption with precise light placement, helping the region become more efficient and supporting the concept of a safer urban environment – benefits that have been welcomed by the local authorities in Čepin (Ovčara).

IN_HR1701_4552_CepinYet the three new Žito factories are about much more than just individual luminaires. With extensive knowledge and years of hands-on expertise, Thorn promises comprehensive support beyond the product, helping the company to build trusted long-term partnerships with clients such as the Žito Group. Ivan Pandurevic , Director of the Meat Products Division, is certainly very happy with the outcome: “This is the ideal solution and has resulted in excellent light quality for the workers in the factories. Opting for LED products will save us money in terms of energy consumption and running costs. Low maintenance also ensures minimal disruption to shifts and helps avoid stoppages in production.”

25 Sep