TAVA 2020

LUCI conference comes to Tartu

The main events of the Tartu Architectural Lighting and Light Art Festival, TAVA2020, will take place from 28 th to 31 st October 2020. In the week before the workshops and after the later side program, the city will create a festival lasting almost a month.

In cooperation with Tartu Valgus, the annual conference of the LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) will take place for the first time in Estonia, bringing together nearly 300 specialists in the field of light art and architectural lighting.
The annual LUCI conference, to be held in Tartu, Estonia, in 2020, is the main event on the LUCI calendar and the only international forum on urban lighting to hold panel discussions, workshops and open conferences on new lighting trends and projects.

TAVA2020 focuses on light education, the development and introduction of Estonian light art and lighting design. The event aims to inspire Estonian municipalities to create good and sustainable lighting solutions in the public space and to offer the pleasure of light art to both locals and distant guests. Professionals and entrepreneurs in their field bring the most updated knowledge of trends and directions in the world of lighting, offering Estonian professionals and students the opportunity to train and test themselves at various conferences and workshops.

The audience will benefit from a more informed use of light at a multi-faceted light fair and wonderful lighting solutions in an urban space where the beauty and charm of light can be enjoyed on facades, parks and a light path filled with installations. In the framework of the festival, exhibitions will be opened in galleries, concerts and performances, light tours will be provided. Several educational and cultural institutions, businesses and restaurants in Tartu join the satellite program.

TAVA takes place every two years and for the third time in 2020. More than 50 lighting companies, over 300 professionals and over 30,000 visitors are expected to attend the international event.


30 Oct