New tool to calculate Optimized Light

Good Light indoors has spectral characteristics that vary according to time of day, personal needs, and specific tasks. In the morning and during daytime, the light spectrum should include a reasonable portion of short wavelengths to support the energizing and revitalizing effects of light. In the ...Read more..

DOE Releases Report on SSL Adoption in Museums – Selection Process Confusing

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a new GATEWAY report that summarizes the results of a survey regarding conversions to solid-state lighting in museums. The survey was sent to members of the museum community who had requested a copy of “The Guidelines for Assessing Solid-State Light...Read more..

DOE CALiPER Report on Linear (T8) LED Lamps in Troffers

The U.S. Department of Energy's CALiPER program has released Report 21.1, which is part of a series of investigations on linear LED lamps. Report 21.1 focuses on the performance of 31 types of linear LED lamps operated in a typical 2x4 troffer with a K12 prismatic lens. The lamps were intended as al...Read more..

LED PAR38 Lamps Less Consistent When Dimming Flicker and Power Quality Evaluated

The U.S. Department of Energy's CALiPER program has released Report 20.2, which is part of a series of investigations on LED PAR38 lamps. Report 20.2 focuses on dimming, flicker, and power quality characteristics evaluated with a single dimmer. The dimming, flicker, and power quality behaviour of...Read more..

DOE Report on LED Lamps Shows Improvements For Consumers

Consumer adoption of LED lighting is still rather low both in North America and Europe. One of the reasons for this is the claims made by manufacturers; specifically the LED equivalent to a standard incandescent or halogen lamp. As in the early days of compact fluorescent, the light levels expected ...Read more..

DOE Publishes GATEWAY Report on Pedestrian Friendly Outdoor Lighting

Although this report was designed and developed for the US market, the insights and recommendations are valid for all countries looking at using LEDs for pedestrian applications. One of the key points raised - uniformity - is a classic example of where LEDs with good optics can provide a safer envir...Read more..

DOE Publishes Report on Accelerated Life Testing of SSL Luminaires

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has published the findings of a new study utilizing a highly accelerated life-test method (called the “hammer test”) intended to produce failures in SSL luminaires in a reasonable test period, with the goal of providing insight into potential failure modes. En...Read more..

DOE Finds Wide Variation on LED A Lamps

DOE Publishes CALiPER Snapshot Report on LED A Lamps The U.S. Department of Energy's CALiPER program has released a Snapshot Report on LED A lamps, which utilizes the LED Lighting Facts® program's extensive product database to help industry stakeholders understand the current state and trajector...Read more..

Lighting Answers To Plasma Lighting Systems

The latest publication from the National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Center (LRC) is Lighting Answers: Plasma Lighting Systems. Plasma lighting systems, also known as electrodeless high-intensity discharge, light-emitt...Read more..

OLED Market To Reach Over $1.25 billion by 2023

The latest OLED lighting report from Research and Markets covers both the manufacturing and fabrication of OLEDs as well as a detailed analysis of the market segments and applications. The lighting industry is a large, global and yet fragmented market place. The fragmentation is driven both b...Read more..