SYLVANIA adds the ‘Human’ to Human Centric Lighting

Normally your humble editor would not travel to New York City for a press conference, especially during Strategies in Light Week in San Diego, but we have been hearing rumors since late last year that LEDVANCE was working on something big.  Last week, in a private conference call, Lawrence Lin, Global CEO, revealed to me their new Natural Series with TruWave Technology ™ and how it will be a game changer.

The press event was nothing like I have ever seen as it was mainly about the human side of light.  Several performers told deeply personal stories of their hardships and how they overcame those struggles.  These stories were shared as they stood on a runway of SYLVANIA Natural™ Series light bulbs.

Darryl McDaniels, of Run DMC fame, spoke of his near suicide at the height of his career.  He got help and co-founded the Felix Organization, which sends foster kids to camp.  Up-and-coming country star Jessie Chris sang her new song, appropriately titled “Naturally”, and she told about being bullied as a child and how she still struggles with anxiety and self-confidence.  Other performers told of their troubles and how they found their own light.

Glen Gracia, Head of Communications, hosted the event and encouraged the audience to participate and find their true light—which they did.  In essence, the audience became part of the show as guests walked down the runway holding handmade signs explaining their own light.  TED Magazine Publisher Scott Costa got in the act with a message about addiction.

The human centric product, Natural Light for Natural Living™, was brilliantly launched interspersed between the human centric stories.   It was clearly designed as a social event as we learned about the light in people’s lives while concurrently absorbing information about natural light.  The symbolism was brilliant.

Contrary to popular belief, everything above 90 CRI is not always full spectrum.  SYLVANIA Natural™ Series with TruWave Technology™ is full spectrum, is on the black body curve and has a 90+ CRI; it will be available in all of the standard color temperatures.

In addition to the beauty of the light, LEDVANCE is able to manufacture natural light at a very affordable cost.   Lin explained to me that the parent of LEDVANCE is MLS, who also is an investor in Intematix, a Silicon Valley phosphor company, which EdisonReport has followed for years.  Intematix continues to increase their R&D, and MLS gets first crack at the technology as it is released.  It’s the Intematix phosphor coupled with the low-cost chip prices that make SYLVANIA Natural™ Series with TruWave Technology™ a beautiful light at a viable cost.

It has a better look than halogen and it reminds me of the first time I saw CMH.  Unlike CMH, there is no driver, no high cost, no long warm up time and no color shift.

SYLVANIA Natural™ Series with TruWave Technology™ is being launched in the consumer channel first in A-19, BR, and Globe form factors and will make its way throughout the SYLVANIA product line in all indoor luminaires.  It will be available on Amazon in early March.

LEDVANCE is transitioning SYLVANIA from an old-fashioned legacy light bulb brand to a premium, young company focused on the quality of light. This press conference was unlike anything I, or the lighting industry, have ever seen.

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11 Feb