Smart Lights Can Detect Shoppers with 8 to 12 Inch Accuracy

Indoor beaconing is going wall to wall.

Or more accurately, it’s going from ceiling to floor, as store lighting joins the Internet of Things.

The ultimate effect is that the location of in-store shoppers can be very precisely identified and retailers or marketers can then deliver highly targeted, location-based offers, on the spot.

GPS has been pretty good at identifying general location and when combined with Wi-Fi and beacons, the combo can paint a pretty good picture of proximity of a person.

But now other location technology, along with beacons, is being built into light bulbs.

“This is about proximity vs. positioning,” said Gerben van der Lugt, global business development lead for indoor positioning at Philips Lighting. Instead of sending a signal to a smartphone, like beacons, the LED lights in a store connect with a phone screen as soon as it is opened.

“The retail space is transforming,” said Ravi Koul, marketing director, retail and hospitality at Philips Lighting. “At Carrefore, the app ties into the promotion system so a consumer can select and browse through the promotions.

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15 Jun