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Siso floor lampYou might be forgiven for thinking that your editor inserted the picture upside down. But no, this is a floor lamp and not a suspended ceiling luminaire. Although of course, there is a whole family available from Estiluz, a Spanish luminaire manufacturer based in Girona.

siso P-2998

Designed by estudi Ribaudí, the SISO floor lamp has a white, satinized glass shade surrounded by three decorative aluminum rings, giving out both direct and indirect light. The three interlinked rings orbit around the inner sphere which gives out a perfect light for an elegant, modern room. Glass and aluminum create a new world that decorates rooms for all purposes. Its polished, original, futuristic appearance makes it as suitable for domestic projects as it is for hospitality, retail and offices.

Technical description:

Floor lamp providing direct and indirect light. Shade is made of a satinated glass and decorative aluminum rings.  Dimmer.


Hal. E27 ECO 3x100W 230V
Fluor E27 Reg/Dim 3x20W (Osram or equivalent) 230V
LED E27 Reg/Dim 3x17W Typ* 3×1055 lumens (Philips or equivalent)


22 Chrome
74 White

Siso lighting rangesiso-2990

05 Oct