Signify Sues Robe, a Former EnabLED Licensee

EdisonReport has learned that Signify is pursuing, Robe, a former licensee under its EnabLED program. Robe.  To my knowledge, this is one of the first times that Signify has filed suit against a former licensee.

According to the complaint, attorneys for the two parties  met in West Palm Beach in July of 2018, to discuss Signify’s patent infringement concerns and Robe’s products.  From about September 2018 through at least March 2019, counsel for Signify and Robe engaged in further discussions via email and teleconference regarding Signify’s patent infringement concerns and Robe’s products.

As Signify’s patents expire, or get close to expiration, it will become more difficult for Signify to achieve these long term negotiated contracts. We expect more companies to follow in Robe’s footsteps.

Read the complaint here.

16 Nov