Road Lighting, Fundamentals, Technology and Application

Book Road Lighting van BommelCoverIn 1980 the book “Road Lighting”, written by Prof de Boer and Wout van Bommel was published in the series “Philips Lighting Library”. It was regarded as the ‘road lighting bible’ at the time and was required reading for many entering the lighting profession. I still have a copy in my library.

Since that time, the art and science of road lighting has progressed enormously to keep up with changes in lamp and lighting technology and in the thinking around energy and the environment. The introduction of solid-state light sources (LEDs) provide the possibility to design innovative lighting installations that can interact with people, vehicles and maintenance companies. However, to avoid pitfalls when designing such installations, a detailed knowledge of the characteristics of the many different light sources and of how our visual system functions under road lighting conditions is essential.

Completely new, fundamental research on vision, and new application research on visual performance and comfort, conducted at many different research institutions at many different places all over the world, is now available as a basis for the specification and the design of effective, energy-friendly and sustainable road-lighting installations.

Wout van Bommel has now published a complete new book on road lighting, taking all the above aspects into account. This book, ”Road Lighting, fundamentals, technology and application”, is divided into three parts: Road Lighting, Light Pollution and Tunnel Lighting. It is published by Springer and available from Springer’s website and from many other online book sites and from professional book shops.

By Julie Allen

08 Jan