Rethink The Night

20 – 24th October, 2014.
Kea Island, Greece.

The Hellenic Illumination Committee (CIE Member) in cooperation with the Department of Master Studies in Lighting Design of Wismar University of Applied Sciences / DE the Design Forum of Coburg & the Kuffner Observatory of Vienna is staging an International Lighting Design Workshop (ILDW) on the aegean coast of Kea under the auspices of Kea Municipality. The workshop aims at providing participants with personal visual experience of natural nightlight  as well as with opportunities of evaluating its sufficiency & at developing skills of devising darkness minded lighting design concepts and applying relevant Low Lighting  Level technologies  in a commensurate with the available nightlight manner.

A further goal of the workshop is to provide access to current lighting technologies and the opportunity to get familiar with three specific technologies:







The workshop is supposed to re-establish the true meaning of nightlight equally to daylight, and make lighting experts rethink about the modest night-time version of natural lighting. In this sense comparative Dark Sky Quality measurements will be carried out and evaluated.

The workshop takes place on Kea from 20.10.2014 to 24.10.2014 . Participants have to arrive at least one day earlier during the previous weekend. On the last day in the evening a festive dinner is planned.  Therefore return flights have to be booked for the subsequent weekend.

Representatives of the Workshop supporters will give lectures about specific nightscape related topics. Three sites have been selected to accommodate experimental nightscape concepts under the guidance of experienced Workshop Heads.

For more information, visit the website.

Electronic Registration can be performed by filling in this application form.

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