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With the upcoming retirement of Bob Horner, we are now seeking applicants for the Policy and Government Relations position. The IES Policy and Government Relations function is responsible for establishing the IES as the main source of expertise in the lighted environment among federal, state, and local governments. It also acts as a resource for policy makers responsible for legislative and regulatory activity. This position promotes IES Policies, Positions, and Standards to governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGO) as baselines upon which legislation, regulations, and/or policies should be built. This position requires knowledge of the legislative and regulatory process, lighting related codes, standards and policies, and illumination engineering skills to make proper assessment of their possible impacts on the lighting industry. Verbal and written communications skills are required to develop and maintain the IES position in a broad spectrum of coalitions and partnerships with advocacy NGOs, trade associations, related technical societies, and government agencies. The position requires occasional attendance at federal hearings and briefings and meetings with congressional members or their staff as part of these coalition efforts. Responsibilities also include updating Society members, Staff, and Board of Directors on important public policy issues. This position reports to the IES Industry Relations Manager and will assist in joint-venture Standards development activities with allied organizations and other Standards Development Organizations. The position is open for remote location employment, and requires travel flexibility to meet the job demands.

  • Monitor federal, state, and local government agendas and actions for items impacting the industry, recommend responses, identify proactive measures, and maintain lines of communications with elected officials and government agencies.
  • Advise Industry Relations Manager and Director of Standards and Research on pending legislative and regulatory activity affecting lighting and energy efficiency and on other applicable policy initiatives. Communicate with membership via articles, reports, oral briefings, and social media.
  • Join and participate in coalitions, other organizations’ policy-oriented committees, and networking events. Develop and maintain relationships with NGOs (non-governmental organizations), government agencies, utility alliances and certain congressional members/staffers.
  • Work with allied organizations in developing Standards and policies to ensure consistency with IES Standards and policies.
  • Coordinate with Standards and Research Department to ensure consistency and compatibility between IES Standards/ committees and public policy issues.
  • Together with the Industry Relations Manager, keep watch on industry trends and assess partnership opportunities with new market drivers and/or influencers (examples: health and high-tech market sectors).
  • Together with the Industry Relations Manager and Director of Standards and Research, develop long term policy strategy as part of our long-term advocacy plan for approval by the Executive Director and IES Board of Directors.



  • Bachelor of Science in lighting, engineering or architectural field; or minimum 10 years’ experience in lighting industry including involvement with industry codes, standards, government relations, and/or public policy.


  • Demonstrated experience with lighting-related codes, standards, and government legislation/regulatory activity
  • Demonstrated familiarity with ANSI document process
  • Demonstrated knowledge of ASHRAE/IES documents and process
  • Demonstrated experience and familiarity with IES allied organizations



  • High level efficiency with MS Word, and PowerPoint; basic level efficiency with MS Excel
  • Able to conduct and coordinate online meetings, such as GoToMeeting and Skype
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with attention to detail are required
  • Strong presentation skills


  • Must be efficient, organized and resourceful
  • Flexible and able to function well in fast-paced environment
  • Knowledge of industry activity and ability to maintain a “pulse” on industry trends
  • Familiarity with key players within allied organizations is highly desirable
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to represent the IES Standards to a wide variety of interests.
  • Work ethically and effectively as a team member and team leader; successful communicating and interacting with all levels of management and staff, and volunteer committees.

How To Submit
If you are interested in being a candidate for this position, please submit a CV and cover letter to careers@ies.org.

19 Aug