PLDC Announces Urban Landscape Lighting Design Competition

The Professional Lighting Design Convention, PLDC 2015 will be held in Rome from 28th – 31st October, 2015. In collaboration with the Italian Association of Lighting Designers APIL, together with PLDC, and the Master’s Courses in Lighting Design at La Sapienza and Roma Tre University, the Italian Lighting Association AIDI have announced the launch of an international lighting ideas competition. The “Urban Landscape” competition, promoted by the National Council of Italian Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Curators, CNAPPC, along with the Order of Architects of Rome and its Provinces, requires teams of lighting designers and architects to design a lighting concept for the EUR district in Rome. The EUR district was built for the 1942 World Fair which, due to the war, never took place. Today it represents an outdoor museum of 1930’s architecture, to which new structures and services have been added, underlining its potential role as the city’s new ‘convention platform’.

Urban Lightscape EUR Plan. Credit EUR S.p.A

Urban Lightscape EUR Plan. Credit EUR S.p.A

The lighting design should encompass public, artistic and environmental domains, meeting the needs of this historic city quarter and establishing links between all the elements that make up this complex site. The design solution should consider incorporating ICT (information and telecommunications) technologies and be designed from a “smart”, systematic and intelligent viewpoint. The goal is to render the district sustainable both in terms of
energy/environmental issues, and in terms of functionality, in order to meet users’ needs.
The competition offers prize money for the first three winning teams (€ 10,000,
€ 5,000, € 2,500). The best concepts will be exhibited in a dedicated Experience Room during the conference days at PLDC from 29. to 31. October, 2015.
For more information and the complete competition brief and who is eligible to participate, please visit or

Conference Updates

Continuing Education Credits

PLDC attendance earns members CIBSE and CNAPPC credits Continuing Professional Development is of utmost importance for young designers and established professionals and a long-term commitment. CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) will be granting one credit per attended paper at PLDC this year. CNAPPC (National Council of Italian Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Curators) will be granting up to 6 points per conference day (max. 15 credits for complete attendance).

Manufacturers’ exhibition sold out

The PLDC organisers are proud to announce that the manufacturers’ exhibition at PLDC 2015 in Rome will be sold out! Long-term partners, but also new national and international partners, are using PLDC as a communication platform, to inform attendees about their latest developments and technical approaches, and to discuss solutions and trends with lighting designers, architects, city planners, researchers, clients and building owners, and of course students and PLDC 2015 expands its programme of learning and networking opportunities.


The organisers are proud to announce that different work groups, association partners and independent entities are using PLDC as an occasion to hold meetings, inform the design community about ongoing activities and define the next steps towards their respective goals. These pre-convention meetings and hands-on workshops, including meetings on educational activities, visual ergonomics, programming, the status quo on the process to gain recognition of the profession, and other professional practice issues will take place on 28th  October at the PLDC venue. More information can be found at or from the above-mentioned and related professions.

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