Philips Scoops A Record-Breaking 52 Winners At The if DESIGN AWARD 2015

This year marks 90 years since the inception of design at Philips. Since 1925 Philips design has evolved into being a key strategic partner for the business, improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation.

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) has picked up 52 accolades at the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015, one of the oldest and most important design competitions in the world.

Philips design has been recognized by the jury for having impressively demonstrated its superior value, across all the five categories of the iF DESIGN AWARD: Product, Communication, Packaging, Interior Architecture, and Professional Concept.

“In the last 90 years, designers at Philips have touched the lives of many people – through light bulbs, radios, televisions and CDs, X-ray equipment and MRI scanners, to coffee makers and shavers” said Sean Carney, Chief Design Officer at Philips “This record-breaking number of prestigious awards is the evidence of how, with its rich history of innovating to improve people’s lives, today Philips design is making a bigger and bolder impact than ever before on both our company and on the world.”

Today Philips has a team of more than 500 designers – one of the largest, most diverse of its kind in the world. The team includes 35 nationalities, located in 15 design studios around the world – from Netherlands, to Asia and the US – and with a wide range of design competencies, such as product design, interaction design, data visualization, service design and communication design, as well as experts in designing specifically for a healthcare, lighting or consumer context.

Here are some highlights.

   Hue Go (7146060)

With a thick-walled spherical body and translucent design that gives the impression of pure light without clutter, Philips Hue Go is an innovative lamp with all of the clever connectivity features of Philips Hue.

   LumiStreet LED Roadlight (BGP213, BGP214)

A cost-effective, simple solution for large roads and smaller streets in residential areas designed to transform the perception of the street environment into a more modern, energy efficient, lighting installation.

   PowerBalance gen2 – sustainable performance (RC461B, RC463B, RC468B, RC460B, RC462B, RC467B)
Designed as building blocks or modules, Philips’ most energy-efficient office-norm-compliant LED luminaire more than halves energy costs compared to a T5 solution and has a longer lifetime.
   ArenaVision LED (BVP4)
This LED floodlighting system for sports stadiums was designed to transmit every detail and emotion on the pitch, live and flicker-free, enabling super slow motion replays in HD, supporting the latest TV broadcasting standards.
   Solar Indoor Control System (SIS battery 12V 10A)

A green, hassle-free and complete indoor LED lighting solution, to enhance indoor life at night, offering you more time to read and write at night without worrying about electricity. With its robust design, the system is easy to install and easy to operate.

   SlimStyle LED Lamp 60W
The uniquely flat surface conducts heat away from the LEDs, eliminating the need for the heavy aluminum heat sinks associated with LED bulbs, so reducing the cost of the bulb, while still delivering the high quality, omni-directional, dimmable light.
   MASTER LED DiamondSpark (luster D 6-40W E27 827 P48 CL)
Delivering incandescent-like sparkling light effects, these dimmable, flame-shaped candle lamps come in a classical slender shape that can be mounted in chandeliers, wall sconces or modern luminaires.
  Consult Lounge (concept)
The Consult Lounge is a smart clinical space, designed to support both the emotional and pragmatic aspects of decision making for cancer patients. It is programmed to create a hospitable warm atmosphere during emotional moments, and then transfer to a different mood and elevate alertness when a patient needs to understand more pragmatic treatment-related information.
  Ambient Experience solution for the uptake room
Having a PET/CT exam, with the anticipation of getting a diagnosis on whether you have cancer or not, can be intensely stressful. Prior to the scan, patients must be injected with an agent, then left alone in an uptake room, which can add to the anxiety and uncertainty. This solution transforms the room into an environment that eases the patient experience, while also facilitating excellent clinical conditions during each procedural step.
  Ambient Experience Patient In-bore solution

This solution offers an immersive viewing experience for patients while moving into the scanner (the highest anxiety moment) and during the exam, helping patients relax and remain still.

  Adaptive Healing Room
A design solution enabling gradual adaptation of stimuli to match the coping capabilities of a neurology patient’s brain, aiming to enrich recovery, especially after a stroke, with positive healing qualities.
 Intellivue Google Glass (proof of concept)
By connecting game-changing technologies from Google and Philips IntelliVue patient monitoring solutions, Philips has simulated the first proof of concept for the seamless transfer of patient vital signs into Google Glass. This could create a whole new way for doctors to quickly get the information they need, when they need it most.

An overview of all the award-winning Philips designs and the related high resolution images can be found  here.

05 Mar