Philips and SAP Team Up To Make Cities Smarter With SAP HANA®

Philips and SAP SE have announced a collaboration that will link real-time information from Philips connected street lights with data from other sensors in a single integrated city dashboard to help cities gather valuable information. The joint offering combines real-time situational awareness based on the SAP HANA® platform with the Philips CityTouch street lighting management system to give planners a 360-degree view of data — such as street lighting, parking and traffic controls — to plan better and manage costs.

The agreement between Philips and SAP started in Buenos Aires, where Philips is refurbishing 91,000 streetlights with LEDs, controlled by Philips’ CityTouch, which interfaces directly with the SAP HANA platform. Buenos Aires is able to manage more than 700,000 assets, including street lights, parks, bus stops, buildings and bridges. For example, by analysing real-time sensor data, the city can monitor storm drains to mitigate risks caused by heavy rains. Remote management of each individual street light point is possible with Philips’ CityTouch remote management system, which allows remote adjustment of lighting levels, dramatically reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. As a result, Buenos Aires has been able to increase operational efficiency, realize energy savings of over 50 percent and greatly improve safety and quality of life for its 13 million residents.

Bill Bien, SVP, Head of Strategy and Marketing, at Philips Lighting said: “As less than 1 percent of the world’s street lights are connected, we have a tremendous opportunity to help cities follow Buenos Aires’ lead and join the other 30 countries worldwide who have implemented Philips’ CityTouch. Together with SAP, we can rapidly transform the world’s cities into smart cities and help them address a wide range of needs caused by urban expansion and population growth, unlocking the benefits of light beyond illumination.”

“SAP is pleased to work with Philips to make Buenos Aires Latin America’s pioneer in becoming a leading digital city, where real-time analytics and prediction drive better city services in areas such as lighting, sustainability and efficiency,” said Sean Patrick O’Brien, global lead, SAP Future Cities, SAP. “More than 4,000 regional, local and city organizations use SAP today, and with this agreement we can jointly expand on our commitment to improve the quality of lives for our customers and citizens.”

11 Dec