Osram’s IoT platform Lightelligence is now available in Europe

During Light + Building 2018, Osram announced its open IoT platform for the lighting and building market. In recent months, the platform has been refined in a close collaborative effort with pilot customers and partners. Lightelligence, including a far-reaching development environment for IoT solutions and applications, is now available for all users. Platform users can draw on a fully developed software infrastructure and are not required to set up anything themselves. The IoT platform is much like an app store, where users can individually and flexibly combine the necessary software components for the respective application. The EDEKA regional company Minden-Hannover is already using Lightelligence in a pilot installation.

Customers can now use all aspects of Osram’s IoT platform. This enables them to develop and operate state-of-the-art IoT solutions and applications faster and more cost effectively. Lightelligence is specifically designed to meet the needs of the light and building market and operates within the appropriate communications standards. The platform also offers open interfaces and lays the groundwork for collaboration that extends beyond system boundaries.
Lightelligence makes it possible to bring together smart control systems in buildings and enables sensors to exploit data multiple times. As a result, Osram creates an opportunity to rethink the use of the IoT in light and building applications. For instance, sensor-based logistics solutions can use a warehouse’s lighting infrastructure to record inventories, optimize warehouse usage and monitor the temperature and humidity of perishable goods. Motion detectors in office buildings can be used to manage meeting rooms more efficiently and optimally plan cleaning.

The pilot installation in a Berlin store was started in November. The project focuses on intelligent retail services based on a lighting infrastructure and, in collaboration with Nokia, on broadband communication services. The installation includes a guest Wi-Fi for customers, indoor navigation,
customer flow and conversion rate analysis and environmental sensors for temperature,
humidity and CO2 levels in the ambient air. Lightelligence combines the data of all applications and facilitates interactive analysis with the help of such technologies as machine learning.
You will find detailed information about Lightelligence here.

By Julie Allen

17 Dec