Osram will light up the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm

Moving heads from Osram’s Clay Paky will be in action to provide a spectacular light show

Clay Paky are once again to provide exceptional lighting effects for the shows staged at the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Stockholm from May 10 to 14, 2016.

Clay Paky moving headsA massive amount (almost 1,000) of moving heads equipped with state-of-the-art light sources will be used to present the contestants from 42 countries during the semi-finals and the final.

“We are really pleased to be back at this prestigious event with our lighting products”, said Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO of the Specialty Lighting business unit at Osram. Frederik Jönsson, the lighting designer for this year’s contest added: “For lighting designers the Eurovision Song Contest is like the Holy Grail. It attracts an enormous number of viewers from all over the world, and it’s a huge challenge: to do it and to do it right.”

Love it or hate it, year after year, millions of viewers are enthralled by the concept of this international music event – a parade of songs, from a wide range of genres, each combined with its own unique lighting concept. Whatever the requirements, from discreet lighting with soft colours for a gentle ballad to a breathtaking power and stunning mid-air effects for a high-energy song, the lighting solutions from Clay Paky will create the right mood for each performer.

Almost 80 percent of the 1,000 moving head lights installed in the Globe Arena of Stockholm come from Clay Paky. Lighting designers have come to rely on their versatility and great performance as can be seen in many previous editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. This important player in stage lighting celebrates its 40th anniversary on 28th August this year.

Protagonists on the ESC lighting rig will be the award winning Sharpy and Mythos. This range will be supplemented by the new Scenius spot.
Luminaires from Clay Paky will be illuminating not only the Eurovision Song Contest main television set at the Globe Arena, but also seven landmarks in Stockholm, such as the exterior of the Globe Arena, City Hall, Sergels Torg and the Gröna Lund theme park tower.

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By Julie Allen

04 May