Osram Trust Program Fights Xenon Lamp Pirates

Osram puts down a marker in the fight against product pirates

The Osram Trust Program provides consumers with two simple security checks to verify the authenticity of their xenon lamps
Osram headlight lamps are continually being copied illegally by product pirates. To protect consumers from low-quality copies the lighting manufacturer has now developed its own trust program. Thanks to innovative two-step security checks, purchasers can easily verify whether the lamp they have bought is an Osram original that has been manufactured in accordance with international quality and safety standards.
Even though they may look the same from the outside, there are massive differences between original products from Osram and cheaply produced fakes. Osram has now launched its Trust Program to ensure that drivers do not have to suffer from premature lamp failures or poor headlight beams. The purpose of the program is to verify the authenticity of xenon lamps. The new security label on the lamp packaging provides an initial indication as to whether the lamp is a fake. A code printed on the label uniquely assigns the packaging to a specific lamp. The hologram on the security label and the integrated security strip make life difficult for would-be forgers and provide consumers with further evidence of authenticity.

Stage 2: the Online Verification Tool

To eliminate all doubt, the authenticity of Osram lamps can be verified online in a second stage. Purchasers can go to the program website at www.osram.de/trust and enter the seven-digit code shown on the security label in the Online Verification Tool. Or they can scan the QR code printed on the packaging. This links directly to the Online Verification Tool. Clicking on the Verify button will display the lamp data associated with the code. If this data is identical to the data for the purchased lamp the consumer can be 100% certain to have bought an original Osram lamp. If the system detects an anomaly or even identifies the lamp as a fake, the website will inform the purchaser immediately and provide information on what to do next.

For more information on the Osram Trust Program go to www.osram.de/trust.

25 Jan