OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Introduces SOLERIQ S 13

The SOLERIQ S 13 has a small illuminated surface and high brightness of 1,500 lm

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has announced the newest member of its high-power SOLERIQ family of LEDs, the SOLERIQ S 13. The tiny LED boasts high brightness from a light emitting surface (LES) measuring just 13.5 mm in diameter and is available in a wide range of color temperatures. It is designed for use in luminaires with high performance requirements, and replaces high-wattage halogen and ceramic metal halide spotlights in applications such as hotel, restaurant, retail and luxury residential lighting.


The new SOLERIQ S 13 provides outstanding basic lighting, particularly in professional applications, thanks to its brightness of 1,500 lm and a light emitting surface of 13.5 mm. Retrofitted in LED luminaires or lamps, it replaces halogen spotlights. “The SOLERIQ S 13 is an ideal fit for the hospitality and home lighting sector because, in addition to its high brightness, it covers a wide range of color temperatures,” said Marc Dyble, Product Marketing Manager for SSL. “Additionally, the color rendering index for all color temperatures is over 80. As a result, the S 13 significantly expands the application portfolio of the SOLERIQ LED family, whose existing E 30 and E 45 versions are designed for downlights.”


Uniform color and light appearance


Like the E 30 and E 45, the SOLERIQ S 13 greatly simplifies luminaire design, SOLERIQ S 13 Application requiring only one high-power component rather than several. The individual chips are closely arranged under a chip-on-board conversion layer, delivering a homogeneous light surface and ensuring uniform color and light appearance. For even better homogeneity, the chips are arranged in a circle under the conversion layer, simplifying the coupling of the LEDs into external, light-guiding optics. The light generated can be used with lower optical losses, making LED lamps and luminaires more efficient. In addition to its unique benefits, SOLERIQ S 13 also offers standard LED perks, including high energy efficiency, long lamp life and the associated minimal maintenance costs.


Simple installation with no SMT soldering


This high-power light source is relatively simple to work with. Unlike other commercially available high-power LEDs, the SOLERIQ S 13 can be mounted with glue, screws or a solderless connector, rather than with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) soldering. Although the connecting wires can be joined by simple manual soldering, a solderless connector can be employed which incorporates both the electrical contact and mechanical mounting, eliminating the need for soldering.


SOLERIQ S 13 Product Info Chart

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01 Sep