OLEDs To Reach Mass Market As Early As 2017

The “future of lighting starts today”-package

40 bare Brite FL300 OLEDs for just € 2,400*

It has never been easier to enter the world of OLED lighting. Thanks to a new starter package launched by Philips, you will get access to 40 pieces of their most advanced OLED ever. The Brite FL300 comes not only with a slim design and homogenous light output but also features 300 lumens; making it one of the first OLEDs capable of being used in functional lighting applications. 300 lumens over a good 144 cm2 at an efficiency of 50 lumens per watt means that OEMs can start to offer ‘serious’ functional lighting.

Philips Brite OLED

Philips Brite OLED

At €60 per piece, this is a significant reduction over previous prices and is aimed to attract more OEMs to start developing new luminaires. The Brite FL300 has already begun to show what it can do, and has been chosen by German designer Thomas Emde for his OLED luminaire series sold under the OMLED brand label. Emde set himself the task of developing an honest, pure and natural design for such a light. He deliberately wanted to avoid expensive design objects, and aimed instead to create a functional, affordable light that could get close to people without bothering them. This is why, apart from the OLED modules, the design is made almost exclusively from glass. The connection between the glass and the OLED is based on a patent pending procedure developed by emdedesign. At the same time, this merging of OLED and glass allows more light to be released. The series of lights has been designed as a standard lamp, desk lamp and a pendant lamp, each of which is available in different versions with varying numbers of OLEDs. This allows each user to select the light with the perfect size and output to suit their needs.

Philips themselves are also using four of these OLEDs in their first OLED luminaire, called Philips ThinAir, which will be launched in 2015. The light is designed for use in offices and retail, and fulfills all the regulations and requirements for brightness and non-glare. In order to do so, the Brite FL300 does not illuminate at maximum brightness, instead providing only 500 lumens of light out of a possible 1,200. Dimming the lights in this way has the advantage of extending their service life, allowing them to be lit for around 50,000 hours – a good 50 years of normal use – and even then, they will only have lost around 30 percent of their original brightness.


Philips offer workshops in their OLED creative lab for designers, engineers and OEMs to get familiar with the technology. I attended one 2 years ago and it was fascinating to hear some of the ideas that the designers were toying with. The next planned workshops are;

February, 25th: 13.00-16.00h

June, 16th: 13.00-16.00h

October, 20th: 13.00-16.00h

The three hour long workshops take place in the Lumiblade Creative Lab in Aachen (Germany) and are held in English. You will get detailed information about Lumiblades, see the latest co-operations with world famous designers and access to Lumiblade products. There you can think about their special features, play with them and see how they can help your project to progress beyond the idea or design stage. The Lumiblade Creative Lab team offers advice and guidance as well as practical support. To book a place, contact the Lumiblade team.

*Regional prices may vary – please contact your local Philips sales contact

Written by Julie Allen

09 Jan