New OLED Patent Newsletter

Global IP News has announced the introduction of the world’s first-of-its-kind OLED patent information service. This service is designed to help your company to stay on top of the patent developments in the OLED field.
Some of the key benefits of the newsletter service are:

• Keeps you abreast of the latest OLED technologies in your field.

• Get ideas for further OLED  innovation and avoids possible infringement problems.

• Locate suppliers, materials, business partners and identify niche markets.

• Monitor activities of real and potential competitors.

The OLED field is still evolving and many companies are rushing to secure patents. Some of these patents may prove to be essential for your organization and tracking new inventions and filing may prove crucial for you. This service takes the hard work away from you.

Key features of Global IP News are:

* Daily customized OLED patent newsletter at 9 am.
* Monitors OLED patents from more than 85 countries.
* Monitors all patent events like grants, applications etc.

If you subscribe via this link, Global IP News will provide you with a Free Trial for 2 weeks.

Global IP News is a news wire service where patent information is collected and systematically categorized by company, by industry and by country. Users can access all the information on a single page. News is provided through several subscription-based services. In addition to the OLED Newsletter, there is also a general category for Lighting.

Global IP News is owned by Pedia Content Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is a privately held company headquartered in New Delhi, India.

For more information, contact Shradhanjali Panda
Global IP News
Phone: +91-9899568586

By Julie Allen

08 Jan