OLED Emergency Lighting From ETAP

Using Philips Lumiblade panels, ETAP launches the world’s first OLED emergency-lighting.

With K4, ETAP introduces an absolute first for emergency lighting. The new ETAP signage series uses OLED technology resulting in a perfectly illuminated exit sign in a super slim and discreet design.


In terms of applications in the lighting world, OLED technology is still in its infancy. Yet it is obvious that it is a particularly promising technology for applications such as signage. ETAP collaborated with the Philips Lumiblade team to enable this product and are using Lumiblades panels for the pictogram. The K4 is now commercially available and although it’s about 40% more expensive than ETAP’s other high-end LED luminaires, I am sure that many designers will be wowed by its sleek design.

Perfect illumination
According to the company, what is immediately striking in K4 is the perfectly homogeneous illumination of the pictogram. This obviously has to do with the OLED technology used, whereby the organic, light-emitting materials are spread over the full surface of the sign. The pictogram is therefore no longer indirectly lit by a separate light source, but it becomes the light source itself. The result is a sign without equal with respect to recognition and safety. The following photo compares the light uniformity of LEDs (on the left) and OLEDs (on the right).

Slim and discreet
ETAP emergency lighting is known for its minimalist design and discreet aspect. With K4, we go one step further in this process. Since light source and sign form a unit, the luminaire’s dimensions can be substantially reduced, resulting in a mere 4-mm thick signage plate. K4 is available as a recessed luminaire, as well as for wall and ceiling mounting.
The K4 series always works in combination with the EBS Compact central battery system. Therefore not only keeping electronics and housing as small as possible, but also simplifying maintenance.

No compromise when it comes to safety
No compromises were made in the area of safety and reliability. Each luminaire is fitted with patented light source monitoring, i.e. a sensor that constantly measures the effective clarity of the signage and issues a warning once it no longer satisfies the EN1838 standard. This way, ETAP provides a solution for decreasing clarity over time. The signage plate with the OLED can, if necessary, be replaced.


Written by Julie Allen

29 Oct