More UK Cities Plan to Turn Off Lights

Much of Exeter will go dark overnight in the summer.  Devon County Council has revealed details of plans to increase the number of districts which will have streetlights switched off overnight after a series of trials in the city.  The council has revealed the list of provisional dates for the spread of part-night street lighting across the city.

Cllr Stuart Hughes, Devon’s cabinet member for highways management said: “Since the introduction of the scheme in Exeter, starting in Alphington and Cowick, the feedback we have received are mainly enquiries from people who have been unaware of the introduction of the scheme and some initial complaints about the lights being switched off.

“The majority of the feedback we received during the city-wide consultation events has helped develop the scheme and that has helped us create a network of ‘walking home routes’ which will remain lit all night. Busy areas of the city centre and main roads will also remain lit all night.”
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13 May