LuxLive—More than IoT—Much More!

EdisonReport has been invited to London to cover the LuxLive event held 15 and 16 November, and I can’t recall being more excited about a show.  If you want to attend one of the most dynamic lighting shows in the world and see live demonstrations of IoT, as of this writing, you can fly from New York to London for less than $500 R/T.

LuxLive brings it all together for connected Lighting.  At the heart of the show is a centerpiece stage and technology zone where the digital future of lighting comes to life.  The 180 exhibitors actually surround the stage.  We see this technique at CES and Inbound, but LuxLive seems to be the first in Lighting.

You can watch a one-minute preview of the Gooee Arena here.  The Gooee Arena has a spread of eco system partners – ranging from familiar names such as Philips and Sylvania to non-lighting companies like Vodafone and Dell computer. There is no Lighting show with more pizzazz than LuxLive.

Demonstrations, presentations, discussions and break-out talks will focus on connected lighting and the exciting possibilities opening up to engage occupants and control our world.

The Arena program will include presentations and demonstrations of Power over Ethernet, Li-Fi – the internet and data delivered using visible light rather than radio waves–and Bluetooth mesh, all technologies which will radically change traditional lighting.   We have reported on all three technologies, but this show will be our first time to update the EdisonReport over Li-Fi.  Earlier this month we published an article about the World’s First Li-Fi Enabled Light Barat Linmore LED Lab’s Fresno and we will see that demonstration in person at the show.  This is the world debut for Linmore LED as they will demonstrating their LED Light Bar with the built in LiFi technology at LuxLive.

Your humble editor has been assigned a camera crew for the two days.   We already have interviews set with Kaj den Daas—the former Chairman of Philips Lighting , North America, as well as an interview with Austrian Patent Attorney, Henrik Villumsen. We hope to get an interview with Harold Haas, who more or less invented Li-Fi.

You can register here, and it’s free!  Check out the list A-List of speakers, here.  In addition, there is a conference track running on smart outdoor lighting as well as a track for lighting designers called LightSpace.

Last, you won’t want to miss the LUX Awards on Thursday, the 16th.  This black tie awards ceremony is one of the most prestigious lighting events in the world.

12 Oct