LUXeXceL Wins Double Accenture Innovation Awards 2013

Accenture has announced the winners of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2013 (Dutch text only). Accenture presents the awards annually to recognize and stimulate innovative performance.

“Innovation requires three things : new forms of collaboration, execution strength and durability, ” said Manon van Beek , Director of Accenture Netherlands. “Fortunately, the Dutch are industry leaders in investing in R & D in universities and research institutes . However, we still see that innovation does not always lead to the desired results . From our recent research on innovation we see that satisfaction; especially in the area of ​​commercialization of innovation, has fallen over the last four years. Innovation is not only about ideas, but also about execution. At Accenture we are also convinced that profit and growth go hand in hand with sustainability because innovation is essential to achieve goals such as reducing CO2 emissions and to absorb energy shortages.”

The Blue Tulip as symbol of the Innovation Awards

Health & Public ServiceTulips come in almost every color imaginable, except pure blue: it is the dream of every tulip grower to cultivate one. Over the past 400 years, several tulips have been produced that appear to be blue, but are actually a shade of purple. The blue tulip, therefore, is a perfect symbol of an ingenious and extremely desirable innovation.

During the seventh edition of the Innovation Awards, the various jury panels presented the Blue Tulip in five different industry categories. The jury assessed the concepts of innovation, success and potential. The jury for (Tele)Communication Media & Technology, awarded LUXeXceL the most innovative Dutch Technology of 2013.  LUXeXceL has a 3D printing method which was developed based on ‘fluent Dymanics’. With this method, the size of each individual droplet can be monitored and adjusted, which ensures a smooth surface and no finishing required (whereas conventional 3D printed objects are polished and then painted). The process can be used for example to directly print LED lenses for LED lighting projects.

In addition, LUXeXceL’s CEO Richard van de Vrie received the overall Award of this Accenture Competition for the sections Information, Communication, Media & Technology.

The Chairman of the Jury stated that “the jury was convinced that LUXeXceL’s Printoptical Technology has an enormous potential to disrupt many different markets and products and can create a digital manufacturing revolution in the optical space”.

By Julie Allen

14 Nov