Lighting’s Effect on Circadian Health

Circadian rhythms and the the effect that lighting can have on them is a hot topic right now. On this side of the pond, this topic featured heavily at the recent PLDC in Rome. And over in the US, the National Lighting Bureau’s Board of Directors recently met in Washington DC to discuss different topics in their Shedding Light on Light series.

ThisĀ NLB panel discussion is moderated by our own US Editor, Randy Reid, and features the opinions of Mariana Figueiro, Kevin Kampschroer, and Mary Beth Gotti. They discuss lighting’s effects on circadian health and the fact that during the day, different types of light may need to be given – and taken away. So in terms of implementation, smart controls must be developed that allow designers even greater flexibility in choosing colour appearance, wavelength and light levels.

Although we are in the very early stages of defining the practical applications of this research, the opportunities and potential benefits are really exciting!

By Julie Allen

02 Dec