As Lighting Companies Morph into IT Firms, They Face Stiff Competition — from IT Vendors

Barclays is deploying a sensor-based system for space utilization analysis at banking HQ in London, with no luminaires in the mix.

Barclays Plc has deployed a series of heat and motion sensors that help analyze office space usage at investment banking facilities in London.

It’s the sort of system that lighting vendors are offering as part of their push into the Internet of Things (IoT), with one glaring difference: Barclays does not appear to be housing the sensors within the lighting infrastructure to turn this into a smart building.

Rather, it is deploying black boxes mounted underneath employees’ desks, according to a recent article by Bloomberg.

The boxes, called OccupEye and provided by British company Cad-Capture, gather occupancy data and tie it into a cloud-connected dashboard system that helps Barclays decipher how efficiently or wastefully it is using space.

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07 Sep