Lighting Fixture Design Conference

4 – 5th June, 2014.
London, UK.

The lighting industry has never been as fast-moving, as competitive or as complex. It’s a time of major challenges for product developers – but this year’s Lighting Fixture Design Conference will help you prosper in the chaos.

How do you cope with the shortest product cycles the industry has ever seen? The most complex competitive landscape? The most rapidly changing technology? And a set of disparate market drivers? How do you do all this, and still prosper? That’s the theme of this year’s International Lighting Fixture Design Conference.

The programme will focus on how innovation, quality and time-to-market can make the key difference in success or failure. We’ll look at how the most outstanding products were conceived, developed and brought to market. We will also explore upcoming innovations and the major trends you can’t afford to ignore.

Tough times

There’ll be deep insights into customers too, as we reveal the results of the Lux survey, ‘10 things end users wish the lighting industry would do’.

Taking place in London’s Cavendish Conference Centre on Wednesday 4 June and Thursday 5 June, the event will look at new technologies, materials, standards and techniques that are influencing lighting fixture design and production.

It’s a tough time to be a product designer and you have to really understand the market transformation to position yourself ahead of the curve. That’s why we’re bringing together in London the top experts in solid state technology, design, optics, thermals, drivers, standards and testing.

Aimed at manufacturers, suppliers and specifiers, this vital two-day event will give you insights that will drive your business forward and ensure you stay at the forefront of the lighting revolution.

The format includes exclusive presentations by top keynote speakers, interactive sessions, live interviews, panel discussions, and of course the 
ever-popular Dragon’s Den-style product demonstrations. All this, plus networking streams 
and a drinks reception.

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