Light+Human Behavior

6 – 8th April, 2014.
Cleveland, USA.

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) Research Symposium II.

This international lighting research and application symposium will draw on the talents and expertise of both the researcher and the design professional to better understand how light influences and enhances human behavior, visually and non-visually, in three important areas of human life: Healthcare, Education and Urban Environments.

April 6 • Sunday

  1:00pm –  3:00pm Poster Set-Up
  1:00pm –  6:00pm Registration Desk Open
  5:30pm –  6:00pm Welcome Cocktail Reception The Renaissance Cleveland Hotel
  6:00pm –  8:00pm Welcome Event: Creating an Emotion with Light The Renaissance Cleveland Hotel
Speakers: Robert Davis, Paul Gregory

April 7 • Monday

  7:00am –  7:45am Continental Breakfast
  7:00am –  5:00pm Registration Desk Open
  8:00am –  8:15am Welcome and Opening Remarks
Speakers: Kevin J. Flynn, Pam Horner
  8:15am –  9:15am Case Study #1: Education – The Designer’s Perspective
Speakers: Charles Thompson
  9:25am –  10:10am Education Research Response #1: Visual
Speakers: Arnold Wilkins
 10:20am –  11:05am Education Research Response #2: Non-Visual
Speakers: Mariana Figueiro
 11:10am –  11:30am Speaker Q+A for Education Sessions
 11:30am –  12:15pm Poster Session
 12:15pm –  1:00pm Lunch
  1:00pm –  1:45pm Poster Session
  2:00pm –  2:05pm Afternoon Welcome | Introductions
  2:05pm –  3:05pm Case Study #2: Urban Environments – The Designers Perspective
Speakers: Randy Burkett, Nancy Clanton
  3:15pm –  4:00pm Urban Environments Research Response #1: Visual
Speakers: Steve Fotios
  4:10pm –  4:55pm Urban Environments Research Response #2: Non-Visual
Speakers: Jack Nasar
  5:00pm –  5:30pm Speaker Q+A for Urban Environments Sessions
  8:00pm –  9:00pm Optional Walking Tour of Urban Environments
Volunteers: Randy Burkett, Nancy Clanton, Cleveland Section Members

April 8 • Tuesday

  7:00am –  7:45am Continental Breakfast
  7:00am –  10:00am Registration Desk Open
  8:00am –  8:15am Welcome Remarks
Speakers: Kevin J. Flynn, Rita Harrold
  8:15am –  9:15am Case Study #3: Healthcare Facilities – The Designers Perspective
Speakers: John D’Angelo
  9:25am –  10:10am Healthcare Facilities Research Response #1: Visual
Speakers: Thomas D. Albright
 10:20am –  11:05am Healthcare Facilities Research Response #2: Non-Visual
Speakers: Lone Mandrup Stidsen
 11:10am –  11:30am Speaker Q+A for Healthcare Facilities Sessions
 11:45am –  12:30pm Concluding Session
Speakers: Peter Boyce, Jennifer Veitch
 12:30pm –  1:30pm Symposium Steering Committee Lunch + Speaker De-Brief

For more information, visit the IES website

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