‘Light Play’ Allows UK Students To Create With Light

Last month, IALD UK hosted a practical workshop for technical lighting students at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, part of the University of London.

Called “Light Play,” the event provided an opportunity for students to collaborate with leading professionals from a variety of lighting disciplines and to be physically creative with light. The event focused on architectural lighting design, with a view on expanding the horizons of the students into the wider world of lighting.

The students were split into groups and asked to create different spaces with light, such as a static entrance with a dynamic element. Then, with the addition of haze in the air, the students were asked to work in a three-dimensional aspect to make the light more physical. Each group was also given a theme: isolation, journey, celebration, or light and shadow. At each stage, the groups explained their concepts and how the lighting was used to illustrate the theme. Light Projects introduced an eclectic and wide-ranging mix of lighting fittings to help them accomplish this task.

IALD UK Regional Co-Coordinator Christopher Knowlton, IALD, who coordinated the event with his colleague Cis O’Boyle, said, “We were delighted with this event and the positive reactions we received from the students. It was fascinating to watch them play with light and a real pleasure seeing their enthusiasm as their creations came to life. We’re very grateful to the team at Light Projects for supporting this event and for bringing along such an extensive selection of fittings which, together with the theatre lights, helped the students realise some truly inspirational designs.”

For more information on the activity, send an email to Christopher Knowlton, IALD at christopher@christopherknowlton.com.

09 Dec