Light Bite – Balancing Light & Shadow

Philips Lighting would like to invite you to attend their next Light Bite that will take place on Tuesday, September 30 at 4 pm CET. During this Light Bite Laura Taylor, Design Director for Innovation at Philips Lighting, will show how to balance the effects of light and shadow to create compelling and effective lightscapes.

Light has so many good connotations. When we get a great idea, we “see the light”. When we achieve deep understanding, we are “enlightened”. But the art of lighting is much more than simply introducing a light source into a dark space. Enabling thoughtful lighting design, Philips enhances the power of light by balancing it with its eternal counterpart: shadow.

Light and shadow are like yin and yang. To achieve harmony, you need both. In his essay In Praise of Shadows, Japanese author Juni’chirō Tanizaki wrote: “were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty”.With the evolution of LED technology, shadows are no longer simply a side effect of lighting. We can now design shadows to meet our needs and lift our mood. Read more or register directly by clicking the button below.

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26 Sep