LIA Laboratories Unmetered Supply Measurement Scheme

This New LIA Laboratories Ltd Unmetered Supply Measurement Certification Scheme provides an assurance of the validity of the power data measured by manufacturers when describing the performance of their lighting products for use in unmetered supply (UMS) applications.

A manufacturer participating in this scheme will be required to undergo a thorough inspection of their Laboratory in order to verify the adequacy of the measurement equipment, documentation and the technical competence of the staff.

A manufacturer who meets the requirements will be permitted to make measurements of apparent power and true power for their products at their facility and submit these measurements to the LIA Laboratories in lieu of report preparation for submission to ELEXON.

LIA Laboratories will ensure, by regular inspection, that the integrity of the measurements made by a ‘Registered Laboratory’ is maintained at an appropriately high standard.

LIA Laboratories recognises the utmost importance of impartiality and potential conflicts of interests in promoting confidence when conducting its testing and product certification activities. Delivering a personal service to the industry, working in partnership to ensure applicants receive the highest standard of service and understand what is going on throughout the assessment process.

LIA Laboratories Ltd has an ongoing compliance program to ensure that the highest standards of independence and impartiality are applied to all its activities in accordance with best practice.

As the UK’s largest independent test laboratory dedicated to lighting and with over 20 years experience in lighting product testing. Their reputation for reliability, accuracy and affordability illustrates why they are considered the number one centre of knowledge to the lighting industry.

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The LIA Laboratories Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lighting Industry Association

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