LEDs Evolve Beyond Simply Lighting Your Life

Product designers and developers have been using their creativity to take advantage of the small size of LEDs and their ability to ‘communicate’ with other electronic devices. As a result, some really cool products are being launched which can really help us in our daily lives.

Star21 LED fitness bandOne such product that I am definitely going to try is the Star.21 Fitness Band from Singapore based OAXIS. The Star.21 Fitness Band is a pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitor, sleep reminder, clock and alarm. The wristband contains 21 LEDs that illuminate like stars in the night sky. The reason for having 21 is that according to research, it takes us 21 days to form a new habit. The Chinese character for Star is composed of 2 characters; SUN and LIFE. In combination, they represent vigor and vitality; something we all need a little more of.

As you reach your daily targets, an LED will light up on the band.  If you fail to meet them, you don’t progress. By the time you have illuminated all 21, you should have formed a new, healthier habit to improve your lifestyle. The LED array also shows daily progress of various goals in percentages; helping users visualize their personal progress in a simple format. You can also use the band to monitor how much sleep you are getting and to wake you up to start your daily routine. A mobile App enables you to monitor your progress and progam new targets.


06 Oct