LpS 2014 LED professional Symposium +Expo

Sept 30th – Oct 2nd, 2014.
Bregenz, Austria.

It isn’t only the general lighting market that is being fundamentally changed by Solid State Lighting technologies; it’s the whole lighting industry. Predictions for the next five to seven years are that we’ll see more LED/OLED performance increases along with continuous price declines. The challenges of phasing out old technologies and ramping up new technologies are huge. Therefore, profitability is key to survival in this volatile environment.

“Merging” lighting with the fast and innovative semiconductor industry requires new processes, structures, partners, alliances and a new understanding of the lighting sector itself.  Restructuring the lighting business to enable potentials for new, environmentally friendly lighting is required to make a substantial contribution to the world’s energy condition.

New and enhanced technologies are still the major innovation drivers in semiconductor lighting. Technologies are being increasingly merged on a sub-system level while diverse industries are intensifying their collaborations. But the key question remains: “What will the winning approaches be in the years to come”?

The LED professional Symposium +Expo is designed to outline background information and the latest trends while suggesting solutions to your engineering problems. There will be papers presented, workshops and tech-panels on the subjects of LEDs, OLEDs, optics, electronics, equipment, materials, reliability, standards, measurement, design and applications. Key global, leading service, component, module, manufacturing and distributor partners will all be present at the LpS 2013 EXPO.

A modern lighting installation in the newly opened vorarlberg museum in Bregenz will be presented on the first evening.  On the second evening you will have the opportunity to network while cruising around Lake Constance on board the MS Vorarlberg.

The LpS 2014, Europe’s foremost LED lighting technology event, presents winning technology approaches and introduces you to the industry and research leaders who are important for building up your business opportunities.

The symposium and exhibition are located at the renowned Opera House and James Bond film location in Bregenz, on Lake Constance.

Every September this great holiday location is a meeting point for LED and OLED experts from all over the world. Welcome to the heart of Europe!

For more information and to register, visit led-professional-symposium.com

08 Feb