LED Lighting for Production Engineering Company

LED technology presents new opportunities in lighting, bringing reductions in energy consumption and maintenance costs without compromising lighting quality. Philips Slovakia in cooperation with Hagard Hal has introduced a LED lighting solution for the production hall of PPS Group a.s. The company dates back to 1950 when the foundation stone was laid for the national company,Tatra Koprivnice. At that time specialized machinery production and construction were the company’s main focus. On 1st January 1955, Czechoslovakia’s engineering minister decided that the company would operate under the name of Podpolianske strojarne (PPS) in Detva. PPS Group a.s. has a solid background in engineering production and is currently supplier of medium and medium-heavy welded structures for many world renowned customers.
PPS Group a.s. is aware of its responsibilities regarding the environment. In addition to legislative requirements, the company’s management is acting proactively to avoid environmental pollution by using the best resources available. These elements become the basic requirement for the project of revitalizing light in its manufacturing areas. In today’s world, correctly applied LED lighting is the best technology available. By taking full advantage of this technology it is possible to increase the overall safety of employees and make their workplace a friendlier environment. Moreover, it means reduced operating costs thanks to lower energy consumption and minimized maintenance costs due to longer operational life. This investor decided to replace their current lighting system with new innovative LED technology, thereby achieving a more eco-friendly solution which simultaneously complies with workspace requirements of the 21st century.


pps_hqThe new lighting system  consists of GentleSpace – LED highbay luminaires which are specifically designed for spaces with high ceilings. Luminaires are fitted with the replacement LEDGine module which allows for future upgrades. GentleSpace is the first LED luminaire which successfully replaces the 400W HID highbay. The machinery production area consists of a single hall divided into two sections, 84mx 18m and 92mx14m. It was possible to space the fixtures at 7.2m spacings in lines 6m apart at a mounting height of 12m.
By updating the complete old lighting system, we achieved a comparable energy saving of 45%. Furthermore, the superior lighting quality produces less visual strain for the employees, in turn offering an improved working environment and a resulting net increase in productivity.
The previous HID metal halide highbay system consisted of 87x 400W luminaires with a total 39.15kW consumption providing a light level (illuminance) of 100-200lux. By contrast the new GentleSpace LED system consists of just 75 units of 292W each lowering the energy consumption to 21.9kW and an illuminance of 500lux. This is a 45% improvement in energy consumption and over double the achieved light level. By the end of the lifetime of the luminaires, expected levels will remain above 300lux.”The company PPS Group a.s. located in Detva (Slovakia) is aware of its responsibilities for the environment. A new lighting installation was therefore chosen to help to reduce the impact of such a production engineering environment. Philips LED technology has enabled us to ensure efficiency in our lighting installation, not only in operational and maintenance cost savings, but by blowing a fresh wind into the production engineering floor.”

Pavol Šimkovič, CEO of PPS Group Inc.

Photographer: Branislav Kostelník

30 Sep