LED Lighting Need Not Be An ENIGMA To Urban Planners

ENIGMAENIGMA is an initiative of 5 European local authorities determined to find integrated solutions to their lighting, ICT, environmental and safety concerns. In their search for an all-encompassing public lighting system, the 5 cities invite businesses across Europe to put forward their best ideas and to compete in the pre-commercial procurement process. Coordinated by the city of Eindhoven, the project’s 5 partner municipalities (Eindhoven, Malmo, Stavanger, Espoo and Bassano del Grappa) cooperate on procuring innovation and testing in a real life environment the technologies that their commercial subcontractors develop.

Opportunities to participate, exchange and learn.

The ENIGMA project offers opportunities for other public authorities to participate, exchange and learn, by providing in situ and online training sessions on PCP, by organising mutual learning opportunities in the form of study visits and work shadowing, and by opening its main events to other public purchasers. For upcoming project events, please see the list here.

Study visit on public lighting and interactivity.

Come exchange with the innovative procurers involved in ENIGMA at the Eindhoven Study Visit (foreseen for 12-13 November) and Work Shadowing (13-14 November). The event’s theme will focus on the inspiring qualities of light and on the potential economic and social benefits that interactive light displays and light festivals can have. For more information on the event, please see the information below and the draft agenda. To register, please click here. Participation in this event is only available to municipal employees from European cities and other public authorities.

As part of the ENIGMA project, Eindhoven would like to enhance the experience of its citizens and visitors by including interactivity among the lighting requirements of its new illumination systems. Since the area where they plan to test the ENIGMA innovation includes the PSV stadium and is one of the main arteries into the city’s artsy district, the possible applications of light are countless. The city experts working on this topic, as well as residents and other stakeholders, will present their vision of Chimney Alley during the one and a half day study visit.
Moreover, for those interested in creating or developing a light event in their local context, Eindhoven is organising the study visit during their acclaimed GLOW Festival. The municipal partners of the festival will attend the study visit and discuss with participants the economic and societal implications of such events, the local partners to be involved and the logistical pitfalls to be avoided.
The study visit will be followed by a one and a half day work shadowing visit during which a maximum of 2 representatives from European municipalities will be able to interact with their peers in Eindhoven on public lighting innovation. This is an unique opportunity to gain insight into the inner workings of a pioneer city and to exchange with cross-departmental teams including lighting, procurement, legal and cultural experts.
Participation in this event is only available to municipal employees from European cities and other public authorities. There is a small number of travel and accommodation grants available for taking part in these events. Should you wish to apply for one, please mention and motivate it during registration.

26 Sep