LED + Elektro 2019

Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
13 – 14th November, 2019

The energy- and cost savings of LED lighting are enormous. The smart design of the electrical installation and the application of LED lighting are therefore important means to achieve the climate objectives. Specific LED lighting offers many possibilities. LEDs receive sensors and form wireless mesh-networks that communicate with the climate-, health-, safety- and energy system. Lighting is everywhere, which is why LED lighting is the backbone of every electrical installation.

Exhibition concept

Lighting and switching are inseparably connected with each other. In 2019 we will expand the exhibition concept with electrical installation products. Products include wired and wireless light control, intelligent and smart-building solutions. Lighting control systems and switching are the main subject because LED + Elektro will become a special interest ‘narrow casting’ event.

Why exhibit

LED + Elektro is the platform for lighting and switching in the Benelux. There you meet customers that really matter. Decision-makers from all sectors of the lights electrical engineering, from light architect to installer. LED + Elektro connect exhibitors with excellent visitors with purchasing power. LED + Elektro is an exhibition for specialists and only accessible to business visitors.

02 Nov