Jury Rules Against Nichia in ‘925’ and ‘960’ Patent Suit But They Will Appeal

Jury Findings May Impact on Everlight and Nichia Lawsuit

This report, from LEDinside, looks at the ongoing patent war that restricts LED manufacturers from entering the North American market.

The judge’s final verdict will probably be based on Michigan Federal jury findings that two Nichia patents were invalid in the case against Everlight, said former Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) researcher Jerry Yu.

The Michigan federal jury’s arrived to a favorable decision for Everlight after finding two of Nichia’s fundamental LED patents US Patents No. 5,998,925 (925) and No 7,531,960 (960) were invalid. Patent 960 is “Light emitting device with blue light LED and phosphor components,” and 925 is named “Indium, gallium, aluminum nitride; garnet containing rare earth oxide”.

Yu, who has been closely following Nichia and Everlight’s ongoing patent war developments for some time, noted 925 and 960 patents were crucial patents that have blocked Taiwanese LED manufacturers from entering the North American market.

Everlight’s chances of winning the lawsuit are high, since the judge’s final ruling will probably be based on Michigan jury decision last Wednesday that both patents were invalid, explained Yu.

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Editors Update;

While Nichia is disappointed with this interim result, Nichia plans to appeal these verdicts. Nichia is hopeful of a favourable decision on appeal.

Nichia considers violations of its intellectual property rights to be a serious matter. Nichia will continue to take necessary actions to ensure protection of its rights in this action and against infringers in any country where appropriate and necessary.

28 Apr