The Inventor of Philips Hue Wants Us To Stop Thinking Simply About Colour Changing Light

“For me, the more interesting smart home set-up is where two or more products talk to each other to do something sensible and automatic. Natural use cases, where it’s about the home supporting people.” says George Yianni, the inventor of Hue and current head of Technology and Connected Lighting at Philips. For example, all the lights in the home could turn red if an emergency occurred such as a smoke detector going off. This would obviously help people who do not hear so well but the red colour of the light would be easier to see through in a smoky room.

Mimicking how you actually use the space you live in is key. As such, the inventor is moving away from controlling lamps with apps, and going back to the more traditional switch on the wall.

His biggest concern at the moment is that inferior products don’t deliver on the expectations of home owners and they don’t get the full, immersive and controlled experience that they should do.

He recently attended the WebSummit 2015 in Dublin where he spoke to Wearable. You can read more of his comments here.


17 Nov