International Conference on the Science and Technology of Lighting

22-27th June, 2014.
Como, Italy.

The conference represents a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of current activity in the field and important emerging issues. Emphasis throughout is on presenting the latest developments in light sources science and technology, lighting science, and lighting applications. During the nearly 40-year old history, LS conferences have been the perfect stage to present and discuss state-of-the-art lighting technologies. This trend is nowadays manifested with a large representation of SSL and LEDs technologies.

The widespread adoption of SSL technologies has highlighted the need for developments in important areas that interface with lighting such as optoelectronics, colour science and numerous important lighting-related applications: LS14 will highlight progresses in many of these important areas.

* Solid State Lighting (SSL) systems: LED and OLED
* Legacy lighting systems: Low- & High-pressure discharge sources
* Novel light source technologies: UV LED; laser diodes; multi-LED, innovative sources
* Drivers, ballasts, lighting controls and intelligent lighting
* Light source materials: Semiconductors; phosphors; emitters; substrates; polymer optics and films; glasses; capsules, etc.
* Lighting metrics & metrology: Light quality; color, perception, etc.
* Biological effects of light: Physiological effects; health effects; etc.
* Lighting economics & environmental impact: Life cycle cost models; Product Environmental Footprint
* Special lighting applications: Automotive; architectural; outdoor and street, art & museum; horticultural; etc.
* Lighting Design: challenges and opportunities with new lighting technologies; lamp and luminaire design

A Tutorials Day is planned on June 27, after the end of the main LS14 conference: the programme will provide training and technical updates for researchers, engineers and lighting designers who would like to achieve a more fundamental understanding of the new SSL lighting technologies and the opportunities they provide. The day plan is:
* Workshop: “Step-by-step Development of LED based products”
* Tutorial: “OLED Technology”
* Tutorial: “Design of Lighting Systems and Control Systems”

The Conference will be held in Como where the great visual appeal of the mountain and lake scenery of Lake Como, and its environs have combined to make Como a perfect location for LS14.

05 Jun