IES Position Statement PS-09-17

The following email has been sent to all IES members. Although pertaining specifically to the American Medical Association statement and policy, we feel that this is important information for all people involved in lighting design and the lighting industry in general. We would like to thank the IES and the IALD for continuing to work with the AMA on this very important issue.

28 June 2017
To the IES Membership:

Last year, the American Medical Association (AMA) announced a Policy that encourages restrictions on the spectral properties of outdoor and roadway lighting, based on CSAPH Report 2-A-16 from their Council on Science and Public Health. The IES reviewed the report and issued a statement that same month, emphasizing our intent to do a more thorough review of the report and to establish a dialog with the AMA.

After completing our review, we joined with the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and approached the AMA about revisiting the report. A process was put in place to revisit the report with expanded expert input from our organizations, and we have been diligently working on this effort for this past year. Given the time that has transpired and the uncertainty of a resolution, the IES Board of Directors has now issued Position Statement PS-09-17 in response to the AMA Policy and Report. We want you to know that we are dedicated to continuing our work with the AMA on these issues, and we hope that through this process we can find common ground to address these very important concerns.

IES Position Statement PS-09-17

IES Board of Directors

Questions on this issue can be directed to:
Brian Liebel, PE
IES Director of Standards and Research

30 Jun