IES Annual Conference 2014

2nd – 4th November, 2014.
Pittsburgh, USA.

Please join us at the 2014 Annual Conference; A Confluence of Art and Science. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, the IES will use the context and inspiration of the “City of Bridges” and it’s confluence of rivers to epitomize how excitement, energy, and change happen at the confluence of art and technology. Here, professionals from diverse disciplines will come together to explore, present, discuss, debate and exchange best practices in the art and science of lighting.

Keynote Speakers

Inspiration is found in our work and lives through exposure to new people and experiences. Our hope with our keynote speakers is to provide an event to stir your curiousity and engage your imagination.

Click photos below for more information on the speaker.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson
Director, Hayden Planetarium
Host of TV Series, Cosmos
Paola Antonelli
Design Curator,
New York Museum of Modern Art
Julie Angus
Adventurer, Author and Scientist
Kit Cuttle
Lighting Visionary and Futurist

For more information and details of the conference program, visit the IES.

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