IALD Opens Modified Entry Path To Membership To Welcome PLDA Members

During a meeting of the IALD Board of Directors in Berlin in November 2013, IALD Board members met with key leadership of PLDA, including board members, executive staff, and representatives from the PLDA Circle of Sponsors. As a result of that meeting, the IALD and PLDA released a joint statement: “The global nature of the design/build business environment necessitates a strong, single voice to represent the international needs of the architectural lighting design profession. In recognition of this, the IALD and PLDA have agreed to explore future opportunities for collaboration.”

The two organizations subsequently formed a task force to determine potential opportunities. The IALD is mindful of the impressive contributions PLDA and its members have made to the lighting design profession over the past 20 years and hope very much that we may help keep the knowledge and spirit of those accomplishments alive for future generations of lighting designers.

The IALD has developed a modified entry path to IALD membership for current Professional-level members of PLDA. For the past several years, IALD and PLDA have had a reciprocal agreement in place that recognizes the rigorous review process applicants must undergo prior to being accepted as a Professional-level member in either association. Currently, this agreement decreases the number of portfolio review projects of Professional-level membership applicants from four (4) to two (2).

The IALD took this action in recognition of the stringent qualification process for entry into Professional-level membership that PLDA put into effect over a decade ago. At that time, PLDA membership criteria and its membership review process were brought into alignment with IALD’s membership criteria and membership review process. The two sets of criteria and review processes are considered to be parallel.

Because the processes are considered to be parallel, the IALD Membership Committee has recommended to the IALD Board of Directors that the opportunity to apply for Professional-level membership without the need to submit a portfolio of work be made available to current PLDA Professional-level members. At its meeting on 1 February, the IALD Board of Directors approved the recommendation and this modified entry process will be effective through 31 December 2014. All prospective applicants for IALD Professional-level membership will still be required to meet IALD’s standards of independence, and sign the IALD Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. All PLDA members at other levels of membership are encouraged to apply for IALD membership through normal channels.

As other lighting design associations bring their membership criteria and application review processes into alignment with those of IALD, the IALD Membership Committee and Board of Directors may consider offering a reciprocal or modified entry path in certain circumstances. If you have any questions about this membership opportunity, please contact IALD Membership Chair Victor Palacio, IALD, or Ashley Robbins, IALD Membership Coordinator, at ashley@iald.org.

14 Mar