About that Highbay from China–It has a KILLER Price

EVER received an email offering unbelievable deals on high-performing lighting? We have. And with international safety certifications, long warranties and a stupidly-low price, who could resist a bargain?

So, out of curiosity,  Lux took up the offer of one email to see just how much of a bargain buyers are getting.

The email received by Lux. Thousands of such marketing messages are received by lighting specifiers daily.

We chose a high bay with UL certification, a CE mark and a three-year warranty.

The price? A mere $15.80.  After a bit of email back and forth to clarify the colour temperature, delivery charges and payment information, we placed the order.

Four weeks later a robust package thudded on the floor of Lux Towers. Ten out of 10 for the quality of the packaging.

On first inspection, the mechanical finish was good; there were no sharp edges; the screws were in the right places and it had a decent paint job.

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06 Oct