Havells Sylvania Partners With Australian Organic Response

Havells Sylvania has entered into a strategic alliance with energy-efficient wire-less controls specialists, Organic Response.

Australian-based Organic Response uses distributed intelligence to deliver a highly responsive, flexible and energy efficient lighting control system.  Requiring no low-voltage wiring or commissioning and being incorporated within the luminaires, installers will be able to benefit from significant savings in time, complexity and cost for their projects. The control system can reduce energy used by up to 70% when compared with using no control system.

“This is a real breakthrough in lighting control technology” says Sam Woodward, SBU Manager for Lighting Control at Havells Sylvania. “To make IR wireless networked lighting control an integral part of a luminaire, thus removing the hassle of wiring for installers, is a real benefit to the industry and opens it up to whole range of applications. We believe controls are a key facet of energy efficient lighting projects and the relationship between Organic Response and Havells Sylvania will be an exciting technology partnership to watch in the years ahead as we engineer ever more energy saving solutions together.”

This year Organic Response has already signed several major partners to form a global Strategic Technology Alliance focused on delivering complete lighting solutions.  “We took inspiration from the way nature solves complex problems to come up with a lighting control system which is incredibly simple, robust and scalable” says Chris Duffield, Co-Founder and CEO of Organic Response. “By making advanced lighting control affordable our aim is to have a material impact on the global CO2 produced by lights. Having a group as large and dynamic as Havells Sylvania join the vision is a terrific step toward achieving that goal.”

By employing Distributed Intelligence, Organic Response technology allows each individual luminaire to make lighting decisions based on the presence of occupants sensed internally, occupancy information received from neighboring luminaires, ambient light level sensed internally and algorithms based on the environments in which it operates, for example an open office or corridor. Each luminaire then communicates its knowledge to surrounding luminaires so they can adapt accordingly. Although luminaires act on their own, using Distributed Intelligence means all the luminaires in a space act together creating a robust and responsive system and a very comfortable experience for occupants.

Havells Sylvania is initially incorporating the Organic Response technology into the Concord Officelyte and Quadrille luminaires, with the intention of expanding the offering over the coming months.


(L) Sam Woodward, SBU manager for lighting control at Havells Sylvania and (R) Danny Bishop, co-founder and technical director of Organic Response

For more information about Havells Sylvania visit www.havells-Sylvania.com and for more information about Organic Response visit www.organicresponse.com.au.

04 Oct