Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2015

9 – 12 June 2015
Guangzhou, China

20th anniversary event programme addresses the future of lights in 2015 and beyond at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Explore lighting possibilities through four perspectives: design, market, technology and network

Evolution of the lighting and LED industries has been significant, and both are becoming more valuable by going beyond basic illumination. Technological advancements are enhancing lighting focuses on energy efficiency and aesthetics to include a transformation to a form of communication. The future of lighting will be integrated into users’ daily lives and enhance well-being, and presents numerous opportunities for users to directly interact with lighting to create dynamic ambience, optimise work performance, heighten security and improve health. The 20th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, scheduled to run from 9 – 12 June 2015 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex, is the most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event in Asia. As such, the fair is positioned to help industry players recognise new market opportunities.

The industry’s movements are also acknowledged by the fair’s supporters who represent industry organisations worldwide. According to the Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI), the global LED lighting market for 2015 is expected to reach USD 80 billion, and the compound annual growth rate is projected to average 14.3% until 2020. At the centre of the new generation of lighting is human-centric applications. Therefore, it is forecasted that efficient, high CRI lighting will be on most companies’ R&D agendas. In the future, KOPTI foresees such lighting being applied broadly to the medical, marine, agricultural, ICT and many other fields.

Moreover, the Lighting Council of Australia (LCA) believes that solid state lighting will continue to make significant inroads in nearly all lighting applications in the coming year. Of equal importance will be lighting controls and high-quality products.

Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Ltd, noted: “The fair aims to stay in line with the progressive industry development. It is also committed to helping players stay in the forefront by assisting them to identify and meet the market’s evolving needs. We are pleased to launch the ‘20th Onwards – Inspire & Be Inspired’ event programme in 2015. The programme will assist participants to envision and explore the future of lighting in 2015 and beyond from diversified perspectives. By offering all-around industry information through dialogue, the programme serves as a tool for professionals to converge market intelligence and generate new value-added business partnerships.”

Explore lighting possibilities through four perspectives: design, market, technology and network

The event programme is divided into four “Light+” tracks: design, market, technology and network. A combination of these essential aspects of lighting creates a valuable experience that is educational for participants.

•    Light + Design: Light & People
Lighting is becoming increasingly digitalised and smart, and the future will focus on the relationship between light and people to optimise comfort and improve well-being. Connectivity in intelligent lighting allows lights to detect and respond to human presence and touch, as well as better integrate users’ lifestyles with their environment. This track will preview the future of lighting from the design perspective, encompassing topics from concept to implementation. Major industry players such as planners, lighting designers, interior designers, architects, manufacturers and implementers will discuss prevailing matters on sustainability, human-centric lighting, quality of lights, smart lighting and controls and more.

•    Light + Technology: Smarter, Better and Brighter
Innovation is the key to success in the lighting and LED industries. The future of lighting lies in smarter, multifunctional and more reliable solutions. Evidence of this is revealed in the integration of smart lighting and LED technologies in the market. This track will not only investigate the aforementioned technologies, but also emerging technologies such as OLED, ultraviolent LEDs, Li-Fi and more.

•    Light + Market: Forecast and Business Models
Phase three of the LED market transformation is forthcoming and will reconfigure industry dynamics. New design concepts will be born and the way end-users interact with lighting will change, creating new possibilities for the market. This track invites key lighting and LED brands to share strategic market forecasts, as well as their views on technological changes, market behaviour and business models. Moreover, distributors and other industry experts will disclose channel management strategies for the domestic lighting and LED markets.

•    Light + Network: Inspire and Be Inspired
Forums and discussions in this track will introduce hot-button lighting topics by both international and local industry organisations. Analyses of the industry landscape will enable industry players to better position themselves for changes. Informative sessions will address topics on luminous relationship, illuminated expression, enlightened communication and lights for life.

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